The time after Corona opens up new opportunities for business and society. More than ever, the question is now how to develop the economy responsibly in the context of technology and sustainability. The Sustainable Technology Strategy Framework “S.H.A.R.E.©” is a powerful but simple model and tool for everyone who has to deal with the development of new business strategies that are economically relevant and at the same time sustainable for people and the environment. Simply download the article and instructions here:

The Strategy Framework for Sustainable Technology Business

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  • Vanessa SchmoranzerPathfinder and Game Changer

    Senior strategist, innovation and transformation expert with 20 years of professional business experience. I have helped over 80 companies from large enterprises to SMEs to Startups to shape, re-think, re-invent and transform. I take advisory board roles and act as an “independent leadership contributor” on the level of Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Innovation Officer and Digital Transformation Officer. I am a public speaker, inventor of the Neostability model and mentor at German Tech Entrepreneurship Center. I love design, I am a metropolist, urban street art lover, and passionate golfer.

    Education: Master Digital Management (Hyper Island London) | MA Communication (University of the Arts Berlin) | Marketing Management (NIMA A/B Amsterdam) | certified Coach and Mediator (European University Association, FU Berlin) | Design Thinking (, HPI) | Certified Scrum Master + Product Owner ( | Financial Modeling (CFI/Corporate Finance Institute)

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My work approach is interdisciplinary – I staff individual teams customised to the clients’ needs and the specific tasks.

My ecosystem and agile business network features leading experts in: Advertising, App/Mobile Development, Brand Strategy, Business Model Innovation, Business/Financial Modeling, Business Design, Change Management, Content Creation, Corporate Identity, Corporate Design, Coaching, Copy Writing, Customer Research, Data Science, Graphic Design, Graphic Recording, Mediation, Moderation, Motion Design, IT-Consulting, Photography, Social Media, Organisational Development, SEO, Software Development, Service Design, Sound Design, Tech Architecture, Tech Consulting, Trade Fair Design, Training, UX/UI-Design, Video Production, Visual Facilitation… and many more.

Transformation becomes a game changer when business (UX) and the organisation (EX) are developed simultaneously while working in a human centered way. I call this Neostability. As innovation strategist and change expert I combine classical consulting tools with relevant coaching methods.

Grafik Konzept

Continuous Transformation

I help to understand how increasing complexity and digitalization are changing business and organization, and what that means in concrete terms for the company. How do you position yourself in the future and how do you become neostable? I help CEOs, executives and operative teams to reflect openly and critically on new opportunities and to derive relevant strategic approaches, processes and solutions, to adapt continuously and thus to become future-proof.

Corporate Strategy

Regardless of whether it is about growth in the core business or new business areas or the establishment of new business ecosystems: I support you in developing relevant strategies, setting up innovation processes (innovation governance) and making relevant decisions: make, buy or parter-up? I look at the strategically relevant options from various perspectives and take into account the relevance and digital context as well as the feasibility.

Innovation Strategy

I promote future-oriented thinking and acting. Building on human-centered knowledge and deriving innovations from it requires an understanding of human needs, wishes and expectations. I support in identifying the potential along the market potential, technology development and customer needs and developing new, innovative business models (e.g. with Lean Startup, Design Thinking, agile, Scrum)

Disruptive Innovation

I clarify where business and organization are in the age of digitalization and disruption. I point out possible conflicts, deficits and inconsistencies and make transparent where the causes lie. I identify potential for change and give recommendations for action. The principle: ask questions, look behind the scenes, understand. I take my time for that. Take my Disruptive Innovation Maturity Assessment and you will get a first idea of ​​where you are today.

Corporate Development

I support the development of measures to increase company value and business relevance. Together with you, I develop timetables and programs, define goals, KPIs, OKRs, business plans. As a strategist, business designer, project manager, mentor or program manager, I support the implementation in the innovation, organizational development and transformation process.

Value Design

I develop basics such as purpose, mission, creed, values, tonality as well as personas and value proposition – right through to creating the associated story. Because every new direction requires a clear philosophy, attitude and subsequent communication. The identity, meaning and purpose of the company are the foundation and orientation for future business activities and the behavior of the entire organization.

Brand Transformation

Brands are taking on a whole new meaning due to the breakdown of industries and branches, changing customer behavior and digitization effects. The corporate brand as well as product brands have to give themselves a new meaning and context. As a brand strategist with extensive experience as a “ma®kenkind” in all branding questions, I support companies in this transformation process as a whole, from strategy to process to implementation.

Thought Leadership

I am constantly developing new approaches and methods, giving lectures and developing individual, lively, interactive workshops and training courses for top management, executives and operational teams – from digitization to innovation management, transformation or newer topics such as adaptive strategy, system thinking and complexity management. I also develop lectures that are tailored to the individual needs of my clients.

Change Management

The speed and complexity of the new world can be overwhelming, creating uncertainty and crises. Transformation begins with a new attitude towards culture throughout the organization i.S.v. Structure, leadership, roles and collaboration. I support decision-makers and managers in setting up new topics such as new leadership and organizational design, and help to anchor new ways of thinking and working and to fill them with life.

DIM – The Disruptive Innovation Maturity Self-Assessment

Find out where your company is today and what level of maturity you have in terms of disruptive innovation. Carry out the assessment online in just 15 minutes. Download your report directly and identify the areas of urgent action. Let us coach and advise you on how to make your company more innovative and future-proof.

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